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Cares Campaign Update #2

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With summer right around the corner, the Community House is more revved than ever for our annual Cares Campaign! We are continuing to make progress towards our goal of $200,000. With one month to go, we are just about to 50% of our goal! We are so thankful to those of you who have supported us on our way to our goal.

What do these funds go to, though? We’d love to give you little snapshot of how your donations help real people in this community.

The Moldenhaeur family came to Community House after being evicted from their home. They arrived in an emotional state, broken, but ready for healing.

Jake, the father of the family, had become unemployed and Crystal, the mother, had her hands full with five children. To exacerbate an already challenging situation, they were turned down every time they applied for a rental homes or apartments due to past debts owed to previous landlords, student loans, and other outstanding bills. A plan was developed with their case manager to save 80% of their income. The couple was able to obtain mental health assessments. The family of seven, which included 2 young boys, a set of 3 year old twins, and a nearly newborn baby, stayed at Community House for 7 months. During this time, they were able to pay off student loans through the Rehabilitation program. Crystal was able to reinstate her license by paying off back-owed child support. She also attended the emotional coaching class that was offered at Community House, which allowed her to help her children understand their feelings and cope with the natural tumult that came with the process of recovering from homelessness. The Moldenhaeur children became engaged in counseling and worked with a peer support counselor which helped them manage their behaviors in school. The family also joined a local church.

Jake was assisted by his case manager in the process of applying for a job building fences. He was hired and was able to generate income for his family. Shortly after he was hired, the Moldenhaeurs were finally obtain housing. They exited Community House successfully and have been stably housed for just under a year. They continue to engage in behavioral health services and live happy and healthy lives!

Although their barriers were many, the family made an incredible recovery. We truly appreciate the support we receive from the community which goes directly into helping families just like the Moldenhaeurs break through their barriers!

Thank you for all that you do to help your community! You’re truly helping effect real change!

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