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Resident Success: A Mother's Story

Recognizing the various struggles of those who are homeless is a necessary step to understanding how to end the cycle of homelessness for good. Misty, a member of the Community House team and a former resident of the center, understands this on a personal level. Here, in her own words, is her story:


How did the Community House change my life? Well, I came in a homeless woman with three children. My UA? Dirty for meth. I had used drugs off and on for 10 plus years. For the first time, I became homeless with my children and the only choice I had left was to stay at CHOB [Community House on Broadway]. I sucked it up and realized it was time to make a change. I ended up staying at CHOB for 2 ½ years. [It was] a very long struggle for me. I felt hopeless at times, as if I was never gonna get back on my feet. I felt as if I let my kids down. I had a job at Walmart for 8 months staying at CHOB but that led to bad choices and I had to quit working at Walmart to get my head straight again. Once again, I felt like I started from the beginning again, but with the encouragement and support of some of the CHOB staff, I recovered well. Six months later, Frank offered me a job part time as a housekeeper. I cried as if God was teaching me [that] doing the right thing, no matter how hard it is, I will get rewarded!

Part time led to full time. I’ve worked in so many different areas of CHOB and I loved all of it. My favorite part of working there is being able to communicate with residents that stand were I have stood! I especially connect with other single mothers there. When people feel hopeless like I did, I love to tell them my experience at CHOB and how it changed my life. The key to making a difference is hard work, determination, and not giving up! I feel with me sharing my experience with them gives them hope to see someone make it out successfully like I did with my children!

In February of 2016 I got approved for an apartment for me and my children. I was so happy and felt like I was on the right track. I felt independent again! Five days a week I get to be reminded of how hopeless and broken I felt and at the same time get to give back. I learned to be a mother again, to be hopeful when I feel helpless. I am unbelievably thankful of CHOB and its staff for being put on the right track and being directed to a better way of life. I just want to say thank you to the staff at CHOB for all who helped me get back on my feet and didn’t let me give up, and also thank you for giving me the privilege to give back to people that are in a spot I once was.

We work to instill hope in all of our residents. Thank you so much for your help making this happen!

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