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Our Programs

Moving House
Supportive Housing and Employment

Community House offers supportive housing and supportive employment to the residents at the house. Through these services, we are able help our residents find and keep permanent housing and gainful employment. We work to meet the specific needs of our residents so that they are able to stably recover and become independent, thriving members of our community.

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Kids Club

Children are extremely important to us here at Community House. We offer an after school program for children ages 5-12. The program runs from Monday to Friday according to the school calendar. Our staff members and case managers help facilitate the program. We use many volunteers from the community to help make the program run smoothly.

During the after school program we interact with the children to model good social skills, self confidence, good manners and to instill a love and respect for our Savior, Jesus Christ. The children interact with each other playing games, solving puzzles, arts and crafts, listening to music and participating in prayer and bible study. Community House staff members help to teach the children important conflict management skills by using a very popular curriculum called “Kelso’s Choice.” We enjoy growing and bonding each year with all of the children who benefit from our program.

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Everyone experiences emotions in different ways. The Kimochis® Program is designed to teach both children and adults how to identify and process emotions, create positive interactions, make good choices, and effectively resolve conflicts. Kimochis means “feelings” in Japanese, and the Kimochis® Program explains that feelings fuel behavior by using the Kimochis® Feelings, Characters, Kotowazas, andKeys. By helping clients connect their feelings to resulting behaviors, we empower individuals to develop valuable coping and interpersonal skills.

Emotion Coaching

Our Emotion Coaching parenting class helps train residents with children in ways to confront issues within the family such as ways of speaking with children, proper discipline, and ways of coping when things seem out of hand. It addresses the ties between emotions and actions and teaches parents how to control their emotions. 


Everyday the Community House serves nourishing meals to its residents. This is made possible by our wonderful volunteers and donations from the community. Dinner is prepared and served by one of our volunteer cook groups each evening. If you'd like to get involved in a cook group, contact us today at 360-425-8679.

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